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We've Evolved
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May 27, 2009

The big news is that we have evolved!


Way of Adventure Training is now True North Alliance. Same great team development programs!! But now we're more actively supporting the health and well being of the individuals who make up those teams. More on that below.


But first let's answer the big question - Why True North Alliance?

True North refers to clarity of purpose, a clear path to success and the disciplined realization of goals. True North is that compass bearing that guides us deliberately forward amidst a barrage of outside influences conspiring to seductively lure us off course. True North is that intentional & deliberate heading that represents our most deeply held values and the commitments we've made to ourselves and others to stay true and hold steady.

The Alliance represents a team of facilitators, coaches, personal guides, speakers and health practitioners dedicated to supporting the optimal health, vitality and excellence of individuals, teams and organizational cultures.

This is a holistic approach that treats the physical, emotional and psychological fitness of each individual as a key component in creating organizations that are capable of achieving their highest goals and aspirations.


The evolution of our holistic perspective.

Over 25 years of working with all varieties of teams and interviewing thousands of busy executives, directors and managers, I have been inspired by many people who have chosen to lead consciously healthy lives and have successfully translated that well balanced life into vibrant and stimulating engagement in their work. These people contribute mightily to teams that are dynamically engaged, supportive, courageous and caring. Teams with these qualities are typically more agile, creative and positively communicative and can not only produce better results but can also recover faster from inevitable failures.

I have also witnessed far too many examples of people struggling with a profoundly imbalanced work/life scenario punctuated by poor diet, lack of regular exercise and/or sleep, a serious deficit of stress reduction modalities, obvious overwhelm and general dis-ease. I've seen team after team suffer the consequences of employees who are in less than ideal health. These teams are often disconnected, disengaged, uninspired and deal less effectively with challenges, conflicts and uncertainty.

We believe that healthy people build exceptional teams and exceptional teams create outstanding organizations with the vitality, inspiration, creativity and courage to realize accomplishments that match and often exceed their wildest imaginations.

We'll keep you posted as we add new coaching services to our website and introduce you to a stellar collection of coaches and practitioners who are dedicated to your health, well being and excellence.

Please note that Way of Adventure is as vibrant and alive and amazing as ever. We've simply created a separate training and healthy living entity here at True North Alliance and still thoroughly enjoy a robust and collaborative partnership with Jeff Salz and the entire team at Way of Adventure.


All my best,


Chess Edwards


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