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Announcing the Living Forward Tele-Seminar Series
Sept 16, 2009


Join Chess from the comfort and ease of your home or office as he guides these interactive and engaging journeys of discovery, exploring the wildest edges of your personal horizons.

Today we're thrilled to announce The Living Forward Series of tele-seminars. These interactive tele-seminars are dedicated to promoting health, wellness, abundance and living at your highest potential.

The quality of our relationships and our effectiveness as a leader is a direct reflection of the quality of attention and care that we give to our own emotional, physical and spiritual health and well-being.

Participation in a Living Forward tele-seminar inspires and supports you as you align with your True North - your higher purpose, your core values and your unlimited possibility.

These tele-seminars are about optimal living and mastering the most effective, inspiring and joyful ways to be of service to your community, your family, your own highest ideals and the world evolving around you.


"The journey from the heat of Passion to the freedom of Mastery
is a journey of letting go."

Chess Edwards


On Sept 24th Chess will host the first Interactive Tele-Seminar
~ Building a Foundation of Health & Well-Being


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