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The Inspired Team: The Six Steps to the Top


Create a spirit of adventure within your organization that will propel any team into courageous action. This program inspires teams to experience their lives, work and relationships as genuine adventures.


What constitutes adventure?

"Any intentional experience that substantially alters our perspectives long enough to see things we have never seen before - and to see familiar things in ways we have never before seen them." - Jeff Salz

The Inspired Team is based on cultural anthropologist and life-long adventurer Jeff Salz's primary work, "The Six Steps to The Top" and his inspiring keynote and book "The Way of Adventure." The experience begins with a different kind of assessment, the AQ. The Adventure Quotient maps the team’s distinctive strengths and challenges and identifies the qualities needed to get everyone adventuring together on the journey toward success.

The Inspired Team is packed with a series of interactive exercises. In addition, interwoven throughout the day, we take the group on an exciting multimedia journey across the globe - highlighting stories of real life adventures. We explore the Six Steps as the foundation that will foster a culture of adventure in your organization.

The Six Steps of The Way of Adventure

  • Leap Before You Look
    The antidote to paralysis by analysis, bold action leads to discoveries that remain inaccessible to those who are afraid to risk.

  • Aim Higher Than Everest
    An infectious atmosphere of support and excitement is created when teams set audacious goals and share a common vision.

  • Give it All You’ve Got
    Discover the impact of generosity, sharing resources, ideas, insights, perspectives and best practices.

  • Work Some Magic

    Learn to see a world that does not yet exist. Engage the imagination, expand creativity and create the future from the magician's perspective.

  • Keep On Your Bearing

    Nothing creates more synergy in a team than embracing a culture of service. Teams that are in service to each other are teams that can overcome any obstacle or adversity. They are unstoppable.

  • Enjoy The View

    Celebrating success unites cultures, communities and entire nations of diverse individuals. So why is it so rare in organizational teams? Take the time to honor your accomplishments, soak up success and gain new insights from looking at life from the Mountaintop Perspective.


  • Create an atmosphere of service, support, camaraderie and bold vision.

  • Give teams a common language of adventure.

  • Recharge and align around a shared sense of purpose and possibility.

  • Remember what its like to work together with synergy and passion.

  • Establish a culture that celebrates innovation, courage and collaboration.

What we hear from participants:

  • "Leaping before we look is certainly not our problem, but not taking the time to celebrate and enjoy the view is a challenge we’ve got to overcome."

  • "How did we ever think we could be successful when we weren’t willing to share knowledge and insights throughout the organization?"

  • "Whether we come together as a team may not really be a matter of life or death, but in a business sense, I can see how it is."

  • "We’ve been pretty good at meeting our goals. The problem has been that our goals have been pretty mediocre."

  • "I used to see being of service as a lonely endeavor, but now that the team’s fully committed to making service the norm, I’m raring to go."

  • "I'm excited about the journey we're on and stoked to be on this team."

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