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The Communicating Team: New Heights of Excellence


From our years of experience leading teams through extremely challenging environmental and cultural conditions, we know how critical solid communication skills are. This program builds upon the deep trust team members develop in The Connected Team program. The Communicating Team explores and celebrates the distinct communication style of each member of the team. It expands the team’s ability to communicate clearly, courageously and compassionately so that the whole team benefits from the wisdom each individual holds.


One thing we hear a lot is, “Our team gets along just fine.”  But during interviews with individual team members we often discover a “false harmony” in play. The Communicating Team quickly reveals the destructive nature of such false harmony and equips the team with tools to express themselves with honestly and authenticity - opening the door to true resolution of issues.

Combined with experiential exercises, we utilize a relationship awareness tool, the Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI). The SDI is not just another personality assessment. It's a highly effective tool that provides an understanding of what drives people's communication styles - when things are going well and when they are under the emotional stress of conflict. Imagine how much stronger your team’s relationships would be if they really understood what makes each other tick! 


  • Replace destructive "false harmony" with a culture of courageous communication.

  • Communicate so that others can effectively hear, understand and eagerly participate in conversations.

  • Understand what motivates each team member's communication style - especially during conflict.

  • Learn how to offer and receive valuable feedback.

  • Decrease blame, finger pointing and the us/them divisions that can tear organizations apart.

Typical comments heard from participants of
“The Communicating Team.”

  • “I used to be irritated by the way Ted communicates. Now I understand he simply values different things than I do.”

  • “It's never been easy for me to receive feedback. Now, even though it's still a little scary, I actually look forward to getting the feedback that’s going to make me a better team player.”

  • “If only I had done this work years ago, I could have saved a few critical relationships along the way.”

  • “The beauty of what I learned today is that it's not only useful at work, it’s going to make a tremendous difference in how I communicate at home, too.”

  • “Why didn’t anyone teach this in business school? Clear communication is what our business is all about.”




"Yesterday exceeded both the client’s and my own expectations, and I thank you!
It was a very rewarding process by which teams were able to cut through all the "stuff" and get to their core truth...
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