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The Accountable Team: Creating and Keeping Agreements


Building upon The Connected Team and The Communicating Team, this advanced program guides teams through the process of creating a clear set of team agreements and provides an effective methodology for engaging in candid and courageous conversations.

The group explores positive behaviors that enable team synergy and identifies destructive behaviors that can hold teams back. This approach requires real trust and commitment and is why The Accountable Team is an advanced program.

Team agreements re-energize the team as they emphasize the team’s heart and spirit. They are a reflection of the team’s collective ideals and values; principles for which each team member is willing to stand up for and be held accountable.


In the absence of clear agreements, well-meaning people make up their own set of behavioral standards and everyone is likely making it up as they go along. This can create confusion, resentment, diminished trust, antagonism and a general breakdown in communication.

Imagine an expedition heading up a mountain in quickly deteriorating weather conditions. Without explicit, predetermined agreements they would face certain disaster. It is a team’s agreements that keep them working tightly together and prevents individuals from behaving in self-serving ways that are contrary to the benefit of the team.

Whether on the high slopes of Mt. McKinley or hammering out decisions in a conference room, team members need to know whom they can count on and, more importantly, for what.

Team agreements are not a set of rules and standards established by upper management and foisted upon their reports. They are developed, agreed to and administered by each member of the team. Breaches of the agreements are not left to management to “call.”  Every member of the team is accountable for their own actions as well as holding each other accountable.

The Accountable Team supplies teams with their own unique compass to keep them in alignment with their core ideals and on course toward achieving success.


  • Build a culture where accountability is the expected norm

  • Increase trust and respect

  • Develop the courage and ability to have difficult conversations about individual actions and behaviors

  • Unite a team around their core values

  • Reduce a manager’s need to take on the role of arbitrator and empower the team to self manage.

  • Create a sense of pride in the team's commitment to integrity

Comments from teams who have developed Team Agreements:

  • “We were all consistently late to meetings but nobody ever said anything.  Turns out that it drove everyone nuts. Now we have an agreement around that. Problem solved.”

  • “At first the thought of being held accountable kind of freaked me out. But now I can stop second guessing what is and is not acceptable on my team.”

  • “When someone holds me accountable for one of our agreements, I actually feel proud that I’m on a team that trusts each other enough to do so.”

  • “I assumed everyone understood what’s acceptable behavior within a team. When we started talking about it I realized we all had our own set of guidelines. Its going to be nice to all be on the same page.”

  • “The last team I was on self destructed simply because we didn’t know how to talk to each other about behavioral issues. We held it in until we couldn’t take it any more. It got pretty ugly. I’m looking forward to avoiding all that with this team.”




















"Thank you again for the magnificent program that you ran for our group out here in France. The effect on our group was resoundingly positive..." [more]