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Core Conversations is a monthly or bi-monthly onsite leadership and team development program that answers your most pressing training challenges.

While delivering dynamic program content that promotes a wholehearted, highly engaged and solidly connected workforce, the Core Conversations program is affordable, flexible and delivers content that sticks!



A friendly price structure keeps consistent trainings coming. Packages include telephone and video coaching between sessions.
By greatly reducing prohibitive offsite expenses, our program is a consistent solution that keeps the vital conversations alive within your organization.


The Core Conversation program is designed to work seamlessly with your work flow.

Give Chess a classroom and he’ll take care of the rest.
Large companies will benefit from three repeating 2.5 hour open enrollment sessions throughout the day. Participants choose the most convenient time for them.
Smaller companies enjoy deep conversations in 2-4 hour onsite sessions that everyone attends.

Strengthen Relationships &
Ignite Collaborations:

Core Conversation programs unite people across departments and from all levels of the organizational flowchart.
Engage the full range of employees in meaningful conversations that are relevant to your entire organization.

Content That Sticks:

Short powerful sessions that embrace one or two core concepts deliver knowledge and skills that really stick and can be employed right away.

Fresh and Imaginative:

With each visit, Chess delivers exciting and thought provoking topics pulled from the cutting edge of team and leadership development practices. Engage your workforce in conversations that get to the heart of what really matters.


Sample Topics:

  • Escape From The Silos, That Nobody Really Likes.
  • Expanding Collaborative Opportunities.
  • Building Foundations of Trust.
  • The Courage to Connect - Building Healthy Working Relationships.
  • Artful Conflict - Balancing Advocacy and Inquiry.
  • The Myth of Us & Them. There is No "Them."
  • The Creative Edge -Tapping into EVERYONE'S Creative Genius.
  • The Power of Vulnerability.
  • When "Letting Go" Propels Everyone Forward.
  • Creating Cultures of Celebration.
  • Deeply Examining Success So You Can Do it Again and again and...
  • The Myth of Unproductive Time. How Slowing Down Can Get More Done.
  • Building Organizational Cultures With Purpose and Intent.
  • Making Team Agreements Before the Storm Blows in.

How it Works:

  • Monthly or bi-monthly onsite sessions.
  • You have Chess for as many days as needed to train your chosen workforce.
  • Chess facilitates three consecutive 2.5 hour Core Conversation sessions per day.
    • Each session follows the same agenda and covers the same core topic.
    • Typically one morning session and two afternoon sessions.
    • Open Enrollment for larger corporations
    • Sessions can support up to 20 participants each.
  • Typical 2.5 hour agenda:
    • Gather participants, settle, become present.
    • Chess presents a fresh and stimulating topic through stories, visuals and lecture.
    • Q&A to ensure understanding of the topic.
    • Chess facilitates an experiential activity to drive the understanding deeper.
    • Chess skillfully facilitates a deep conversation focused on how the topic impacts the organization.
    • Participants discover their own behavioral change that will have the greatest impact for them, their teams and the organization.
    • Return to work.


  • Create stronger connections between employees.
  • Build solid foundations of trust.
  • Increase opportunities for creative collaborations.
  • Unlock untapped resources of innovative brilliance.
  • Bridge gaps of misunderstanding and distrust.
  • Break down unproductive silos.
  • Increase the ability to navigate conflict.
  • Align employees with a shared vision.
  • Open communications between departments.
  • Turn pointed fingers of blame into open hands of support.
  • Elevate morale & create a culture of celebration and encouragement.















“Participating in a monthly Core Conversation keeps my entire organization focused, aligned, inspired and connected. These regular sessions are the glue that hold us all together even under the most challenging and stressful of times.”

Paul Lesmond,
Dynamic Shipping & Storage




“Core Conversations are what keep us tapped into our own innate wisdom as individuals and as an organization. We always come away with a deeper understanding of what lies at the core of an issue and how best to align ourselves with our highest potential.”

Rebecca Palmer,
Commercial Realtor's Sales Systems





"I have worked with many facilitators over the years and Chess brought extremely high value to our leadership team and I know this view is shared by everyone who participated in the program."

~ Austen Mulinder,
Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Operator Channels Microsoft Corporation